Weekly Reflection – Week 1 -Web Business Creation

As with my previous blog post, I have also begun taking a class which involves entrepreneurship to some degree. The name of my class is entitled Web Business Creation and, with reading that title, one can only imagine what I will eventually be doing as part of this class. Eventually we will create our own web business. This is one of my most anticipated classes this semester. I have always wanted to learn how to create a website. I have plans for future businesses which involve this trade and now with the opportunity laid before me; I couldn’t help but take advantage of. Sadly, however, I am only a novice. The proof is in this blog.

But in all seriousness, this week for our class, we looked into the beginning stages of creating our website. With all great goals first comes a great plan of action and our first step of action involved what our product/focus will be on for this assignment. We utilized such tools as Google Adwords in obtaining this idea. We learned how to utilize this impressive tool and look up just how profitable certain products are in comparison to others. As with our journey, we participated in a case study which reflected these early stages in the lives of three former students. The first part focused on business models and idea generation. The second part focused on demand and competition and how to measure each using Google Adwords.

Next week we will be utilizing these tools in choosing a product for our business. In later weeks we will be taking the necessary steps in creating our very own website/web business. I look forward with much anticipation for what lies ahead! The road seems unknown on many levels and I am not very proficient in this trade as is others, but I take pleasure in this unknown future and know that all will work out in the end.


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