Weekly Reflection – Week 2 – Web Business Creation

We covered much in this week’s Web Business Creation class. This week’s material built upon what we learned in last week’s and it seriously got me thinking about different web ideas that I could possibly incorporate into my future website that I will be creating for this class. The first topic that we covered dealt with brokers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. We utilized the quantify and compare functions for this assignment and learned about different websites where people can buy different products to sell on their own. It was an incredible topic to say the least. Growing up in Hawaii, my family, while vacationing on Oahu, would attend a swap meet that would take place at Aloha Stadium every Wednesday and Sunday. We bought many things at this swap meet. From watches to sunglasses, towels and hats, the possibilities were endless as to what we could buy. The reason for the variety and the cost. It was much cheaper to buy things from here rather than back on Kauai, my home island. This swap meet had everything and it was a joy when we would attend this occasional event for us. Well, fast forward a few years and now having completed this assignment, I realized that most of the items that I had consumed were sold at this swap meet and the majority of it was in very excellent condition. Of course, the websites and the things that I had bought weren’t name brand to say the least, but still, in very excellent condition and very profitable to say the least.  I also saw many of these same products found on Ebay sold for much more than what it costs on the distribution website. It was an incredible discovery and one that I have looked more into after having completed this assignment.

The final topic that we’d covered involved two additional business models that we had looked at briefly in a previous week. It covered the topic of the affiliate and drop shipping models and the difference between the two. The affiliate model consisted more of an advertising aspect that advertised to different websites where people could buy certain products. The drop shipping model was a model where people could buy a certain product from your website that could then be linked and shipped from the manufacturer themselves. It reminded me much of a middle man; you stand between the consumer and distributor and act as a means for both parties to purchase and sell products. In addition to our previous topic that involved wholesale and what we learned there, this topic built upon that previous topic and got my mind thinking about possible businesses that can be started-up utilizing all that I had learned here. It was incredible!

This week’s topics were inspiring to say the least. They came at the right time as I’ve been brainstorming certain website ideas. I look forward with great anticipation what next week has in store for us and what material we will be learning then. I am very much enjoying this class. It’s been great to say the least!




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