Weekly Reflection – Week 3 – Small Business Creation

This was a fun week! Very informative on many levels. It reminded me much of last week where we covered the topic of brokers and wholesale, and the difference between the affiliate and drop shipping business models. This week we covered two topics that go hand-in-hand with one another. We researched different site builders and different hosting websites. We learned the difference between the two; how its needed to have both. There are some site builders that have all of the same capacities as a hosting site and there are also some hosting sites that have the same capacities as a site builder. This was my first real introduction into the difference between the two and it was interesting learning about each and how they correlate to one another. What made these topics even better was the opportunity of participating in two individual discussion boards dedicated to each topic. I shared what I thought, but gained so much more from interacting with my fellow classmates and their findings. I wasn’t dead set on any one particular website application for either, so my vote was swayed many times. I have a desire to try a few different sites for each such as Wix, Weebly, iPage, Blue Host, and Go Daddy. It’ll be fun to see which site builder and host website (or maybe even one or the other) will take the cake for me.

Another huge assignment that was due this week was the first part of our project that included choosing a product for us to build our site around. Now, to be completely honest, I thought that the assignment would only include us writing a paper stating what we would do and why. I was terribly wrong! Instead, we utilized everything that we learned up to this point in class and used it in determining what product would be best for us. We used a phenomenal spreadsheet which did the majority of the work. We also used Google Adwords quite a bit for a good part of the assignment. Once all of the data was put in and the recommendation spit out, my number one choice was for myself to create a Gospel column/blog. To be honest, it was not what I was expecting. Of course, I wouldn’t mind using this idea. After all, I did put it on paper. If I were to choose which idea to use for this assignment, without having taken into account such factors as Google Adwords, I would’ve picked an entirely different idea. I don’t mind creating a Gospel column/blog, but I want to get Bro. Poole’s input on this question.

Well anyways, that was it for this week. The next stage of our project is soon upon us. It looks like we are this close to creating our website. I look forward to next week’s assignments and topics and to see where they fit with everything that we had previously learned!


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