Weekly Reflection – Week 4 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We are gearing up for the second project of this semester, which is to now create the website that we’ve been planning for thus far. I began in this process and have been trying a few things that were recommended by my fellow classmates. I have attempted to try other website platforms in conjunction with my own and have also tried utilizing a few of the host websites that I researched. I can attest that using those type of websites are much less familiar than what I’m used to. As for site platforms, I have been using both Wix and Weebly. I love both of these websites. I haven’t had much hiccups yet in the process and hope to keep plugging away at them. For those who are curious, I am not planning on creating two websites. I am currently sticking with Wix as my starter, but am also prepping a secondary Weebly account just in case the Wix one doesn’t work out and if it does work out, I’m going to move forward and create another website for fun using Weebly.

I am definitely enjoying this process. I am having so much fun with it! I’m definitely struggling with it as much as I had previously did; using WordPress and stressing myself out over learning how to customize certain things. This week was also great in adding to what I had previously learned in prior weeks. I love how each of these lessons stack upon one another and which ultimately escalates up to the apex; which is creating our website. Something that I especially loved this week was learning about the PayPal button. I’ve always wondered how certain websites configured their website to accommodate this feature. It’s incredible how easy it is to configure and create this button and then to place i on your website using the coding. I was expecting some crazy process in creating this at first, so this was a huge sign of relief for me. It’s cool just how much stuff is out there nowadays that help in creating your very own website and business. It’s incredible!

This week we focused mainly on our websites, on researching other websites, on how to create a PayPal button, and on our discussion boards. I love the different discussions and things that I learn from my fellow classmates. I hope this upcoming week will be well with me and that I will be able to get done everything that I have planned on completing; both for this class and for others.


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