Weekly Reflection #5 – Week 5 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We had many great assignments and discussions within our respective groups. We studied the topic of business structures and looked into the legal system quite a bit. We researched what the requirements were for starting up a specific type of business in each of our respective cities and, with Project #2 almost complete, what respective steps we will have to take to legitimize our business. It was fun reviewing the different type of business structures there are and to see just how simple some structures are with starting a business and how others are not so easy. Idaho is not too ad in comparison to other states such as Hawaii or California. With using the sole proprietorship method and with doing something with food, I do not have to register for any real licensing in comparison to other industries; which is a plus. I can easily start my business and do work and possibly get any extra licensing if needs be.

The majority of this week was also consumed in completing our Project #2 that was due by beginning of Monday. Project #2 is known in this class as being one of the bigger projects that we have due and one that will determine how the rest of our projects will carry out for this semester. Project #2 consisted of completing our website which will be equipped with our own domain name, hosting service, website content, and the ability to carry out payment transactions on our website. I’ve successfully been able to do the first three. The fourth, however, I have struggled with competing. I know and have created a custom PayPal button for my website, but for some reason, cannot seem to get it linked onto my website. I hope I can resolve this issue before I turn in this assignment. With this assignment, I decided on also using Weebly as my site builder over Wix and got to say, I love Weebly! Weebly is so much more simpler than WordPress and much more smoother than Wix. I was able to create the website that I wanted with Weebly and it looks great! I have a few more things in terms of customization that I have to do with my current product, but I have to say, I am very pleased to say the least. I hope I can get the PayPal function to work and I should be in business!

Overall, this was a great week! I definitely can’t complain whatsoever with what we’re doing. I’m loving my website and especially everything that we’ve learned up to this point! I look forward to everything else that is coming up and how we will incorporate what we are doing to what lies ahead. Great week!


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