Entrepreneurial Journal – Week 6 -Love Your Customer

This was another fantastic week! It was much slower in comparison to past weeks, but it was a very great week nonetheless. This week helped to prep for future weeks ahead. I was able to get a jump on a few upcoming assignments. I completed my interview with my Entrepreneur this week and also set up an appointment for this week to interview my Franchisee Entrepreneur. I also had much needed time to read E-Myth. I fell behind on my reading and had the privilege of catching up this week on it. I’ve been enjoying this book a lot. It’s an incredible book! I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the beginning of semester and what amazes me is just how much information is out there on the subject of Entrepreneurship. There are so many other “Rich Dads” that are tried and tested in this subject. Who have experience and are not afraid to share what they know. Such “Rich Dads” as Michael Gerber, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Collins, Dale Carnaigie; even our very own Bro. Broderick. I’ve learned throughout this course and especially throughout my journey in business just how essential it is to have these type of people in your life and I’m grateful for these types of individuals; whether it be through book and especially in person and I hope to grow my networking pool and especially find those people who will stand by me and help me. It is so very important! One of the most important things we have access to.

Much has happened in this past week. I’ve rattled on quite a bit with some of the things that I participated in as far as assignments go. The main topic that we covered was Love Your Customer; which I feel is another essential part of business. Everything in business revolves around the customer. They are what make up businesses and all that we do. There were many striking similarities that I’ve found when speaking about this subject that ties back into my days as a missionary. As a missionary, we were called to preach the Gospel. There were many ways that we went about in doing this; many tactics that we used to find people to teach; but, ultimately, our entire aim and focus was on the investigator. Once we found people to teach, we loved and caressed them spiritually. We served them selflessly and helped them with all that they needed. We helped to improve the quality of their lives and spent most of our time either with them or contacting them. This same mindset, I feel, should be had with our businesses and those who consume our products and our whole aim and mission should be to find and, most importantly, retain what customers we have. Help them become lifelong consumers of our product rather than have it be a one time thing.

Overall, this week has been great! Just to share a few quick words about our $100 Challenge. All that is really holding me back with getting underway with sales is my packaging. I have acquired everything else that I needed, but am now waiting on my packaging for my products to be delivered. I ordered them almost two weeks ago and am surprised with how long this has been taking. I’m hoping at least in this final full month of school I can crunch down and sell to as many people as I can. I have made strides with my business, though, and set up some key and essential things to be completed. I created a Facebook page for my business so that I can reach the masses through Social Media and market my product in some way. I also created a website for my product as well and set it up so that they can get the details for how they see what type of meals and deals that we offer; not to mention how they can order and pay for their product. I also registered for a few additional ways that our customers can pay for these products such as Square. I have found that the days of money are over and the need that there is to find some method of pay which include credit and debit cards. Other than that, everything with this Challenge has been going well. I hope that packaging comes in so that I can get a jump on now earning money. I will keep you all updated with how this assignment continues to unfold. Thank you all very much!


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