Weekly Reflection #6 – Week 6 – Web Business Creation

This was another great week for me! This week seemed much more lighter in comparison to last week’s assignments. Ever since I completed my website for this class, I’ve felt much less pressure than I once did. Knowing that an essential part of this class is over has helped me to lighten up a little and to, now, build upon what I have created and to focus on how to make it better. I look forward to the upcoming week’s assignments. I know that each future assignment will help in that regard. This first week’s assignments began to do just that.

This week’s assignments, again, included the use of Google Adwords. We learned how to create an Adwords campaign which turns out to be an add that will appear on Google in the ad’s column/section when somebody searches one of your keywords. It was very interesting to say the least that this was how you create one of these types of ads. I’ve seen many of these ads when using Google and now creating one just like this and seeing how it would look blew my mind. It was incredible to say the least and the process for creating one of these ads isn’t quite too difficult. Creating the campaign included such elements as, first, deciding on twenty, or so, keywords related to your website; deciding which countries and languages you wanted to campaign to and which devices you want your campaign to show on; choosing the automatic or manual bidding function for your campaign; and, lastly, setting a daily budget for how much you may spend on your campaign being posted. We weren’t required to set up payment for this campaign (I couldn’t afford it currently), but it was cool learning how to create something like this which I know will greatly hep in marketing our website and our current products.

This week also found us building upon what we previously learned with Adwords and we learned the difference between what makes up a good keyword and a bad keyword. Of course this stems off of what we had previously learned with Google Adwords and our Campaign from earlier in the week, and, of course, after learning this I realized just how much this differentiation was needed; for I have chosen many bad keywords to use in these past assignments. Nonetheless, it was a great assignment. The discussion board was also a great medium to discuss with my fellow classmates what they’ve found to be a good keyword and to learn from them about this subject.

Overall, this was a great week! I am grateful for all that I’ve learned. I see the relevance in each of these topics and assignments and I’m grateful to learn a little about the inner workings of the internet and how websites are created and marketed. I look forward to next week’s assignments. I will keep you all posted on how I do for each and how this upcoming week goes. Thank you all very much and I’ll see you next week!


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