Weekly Reflection #7 – Week 7 – Small Business Creation

I had a great week this week! This week, again, felt much more lighter in comparison to that of our past weeks. Typically we have two assignments and two discussion boards that are due per week in addition to any projects that we may have due as well. This week, however, we only had one assignment due on Monday, a discussion board that opened the following day and closed on Wednesday, and this Weekly Reflection that I am currently completing and are writing for you here on this blog, and that was it! Though, I am not complaining. I actually enjoyed quite a bit. It was especially needed considering our next project coming up and what the topic of that project is connection to this week’s subject/assignment we had due on Monday. The assignment had to do with Google Adwords again and, this time, we learned how to create an ad that would appear in the search results on Google. It was such an incredible lesson/assignment! It showed us how to lay out ad, what keywords to use, what the focus on our ad should be, and also how to set it up using our Google Adwords account. It was an incredible find! I always wanted to learn how those ads were created and now that I know, I can create one and utilize it to bring more people into my website! I’m just loving everything that I’m learning in this class! So much useful stuff that I know will help me in the future. The discussion board for this assignment also gave me the opportunity to look at my classmates’s ads and websites and to receive feedback for my own and how I can improve on what I’ve made. It was a great exercise to say the least!

Overall, this week was great! After having completed the discussion board for this week, I focused my attention on updating my ad and in toying around with Adwords just a little bit. I also continued to update my website a little more; adding in a few photos that I didn’t have the opportunity of adding in when I first completed the website. I also found out this week that with my current Weebly account, I can have up to ten different websites with the package that I have purchased. I have a couple of ideas for websites that I know will be good using Weebly and I look to create a few more and exhaust that resource when I don’t have to pay anything extra! Great week! Grateful for everything that I’ve learned! Hope to utilize all of these resources and to make the most of everything that I’ve learning!


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