Weekly Reflection #8 – Week 8 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We were back on our normal schedule of assignments and due dates and were able to build upon what we learned last week with Google Ads and Ad Groups. It was a great learning each of these things and building upon the knowledge; seeing how everything fits within our websites and how they can help in every regard. The first assignment of this week focused on Relevance and Quality Score. This topic is very similar to that of our Adwords, but focuses more on the quality of the ad rather than just the Keywords itself. The same principles for Adwords generally apply with that for ads; wording it correctly, including specific niches and adwords within it; differentiating the ad, having a working link to your sight, etc. It was a bummer that Google disbanded the quality score function, but it was great to receive practice with this through our Discussion Board with an pre-made ad and our fellow classmates critiquing our ad. I’ve found ever since we began working with Adwords just how much creativity is involved in creating an effective ad. I have to, literally, sit down for quite some time, research effective Adwords, and put together a convincing ad. These assignments definitely give me a lot of practice and I hope I can continue working on this and becoming better at it. The second assignment of this week covered Google Analytics. We learned the basics of this application and began linking it to our Google Adwords account in preparation to next week’s project that is due. This is my first interaction with this application, so I don’t really have as much experience with it in comparison to some of my classmates. I, generally, know what Analytics is and look forward to see it work within my website; hopefully allowing myself to look at its data and using it to change my websites and campaigns for the better. It’ll be exciting learning more about this and using it more in the upcoming week’s. I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes.

All in all, it’s been a great week. I’ve learned much from this week and look forward to next week’s assignments and topics. I hope everything with my Project #3 goes well and I hope I’ll be able to successfully get my first Ad Campaign out on the web. It’ll be exciting! I’m grateful for all that I’m learning and hope to continue to build upon this knowledge and utilize it for other projects that I have in mind. Great week!


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