Weekly Reflection #9 – Week 9 – Web Business Creation

This was another great week! It was a very busy week to say the least. We completed our Project #3, began our Adwords Campaigns, and began to take note of how our campaigns are doing. It’s great to finally be carrying out what you have spent weeks preparing for. It’s a great feeling to not only see our work unfold, but to do so in a successful manner. For Project #3, we were to begin our Campaigns on November 14. I, accidentally, missed that date and had to start my date a few days after that starting point. Luckily, Bro. Poole gave us a tutorial on how to set our budget if this were to happen, so I followed his instruction and had to increase my daily budget by a little bit more in order to hit the criteria for the assignment. I, then, did all of the necessary steps in beginning my campaign. I let it run for a day. In that first day I managed to receive no results whatsoever. I felt bad in some ways because we had to complete a few follow up assignments to report how much progress we had made and I reported zeros in each category because I had not results. Thankfully, however, my luck turned around and I received some feedback; and boy were the results that I had received impressive! In those first few days I had already received more than 1000 impressions and close to 10 clicks! It was incredible! And my results continue to grow as we speak! Adwords is such a fascinating tool. It has answered a lot of questions that I have had in terms of what I have noticed surfing through the internet. Simple things like the ads that appear when using a Google Search to what type of traffic appears on my website. I have been enjoying the use of this tool and what it has done for myself and my website so far. It has been confusing at times grasping some of the concepts of the application, but overall, I have it down and am grateful for Bro. Poole in teaching us these things!

As I have said, this week has been a great week! Another big assignment has been completed. Another assignment that will greatly carry over and can affect any other assignments that we have yet to complete. I look forward to what lies ahead and cannot wait to get this next week started! Hope everything with Adwords continues to improve and hope I can keep this momentum going!


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