Weekly Reflection #10 – Week 10 – Web Business Creation

This was a hectic week! The only reason why I say that is due, largely, to the fact that we had our Thanksgiving break this week and that I was out of town for all of it. The vacation was much more tiring than it was relaxing. I’m grateful to finally be back in Rexburg and for this new week that we have of assignments and projects due. Though this week was hectic, I still managed to complete all of my assignments for this class. I enjoyed this week very much and everything that we had learned in this week’s lesson. What I like so much about everything that we’re learning in this class is how much each assignment builds upon the last. For example, this week we learned about Landing Page and Website Optimization and we got a brief introduction into Search Engine Optimization and everything that we had learned about keywords and ad campaigns were included in these assignments. Most of the optimization for each area revolves around the use of keywords and including them in every facet of your website. We also learned about the importance of including backlinks within your website and living up to your ad’s content. It was great learning about each of these things. I have edited my website based on what I’ve learned in each of these assignments and I have seen a great change with each. It’s amazing having learned this! Participating in the discussion boards of this week was also great as I was able to interact with my fellow classmates and see what they’re doing to improve in each area; especially involving Search Engine Optimization.

All in all, this was a great week! I definitely can’t complain when it comes to everything that we’re learning. I’m enjoying every facet of this class and every lesson that we’re learning so far. My website has been doing well, my ad campaign has taken off and has been doing very well. Everything for me has been going great and I look forward to next week’s lessons and assignments and all that it entails for me. Great week!


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