Weekly Reflection #11 – Week 11 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! It was a much better week in comparison to that of the former. It’s good to finally be back in Rexburg and recovered from the hectic Thanksgiving break that we just had. It seems like everything is now coming to a head; both by way of this class and the other classes that I’ve been taking. This was, once again, a great week full of great assignments, discussions, and, finally, completing our Google Adwords campaign for our websites. It was sad to see it be done to be honest. After tallying up my results, I couldn’t believe just how well my campaign had done. There was so much, looking back on it, that I could have done differently. One thing I could’ve improved on is my keywords. It was so difficult finding keywords that would match my product considering how different it is. What got me all of my results came from two broader unrelated keywords that are not directly associated with the product as a whole, but with the business. Another thing I could’ve worked on is my ad titles. I could’ve made them more interesting besides just including the business name on it. I’ve come to realize with using Adwords just how much strategy and creativity is used. It’s like a big ‘ole chess game. You need to set the right keywords, include in your ad the right type of wording or phrasing. Everything has to be precise in order for it to work as best as you can. With how badly most of my keywords did, I am grateful that my ad campaign still managed to do very well. I had more than 90 clicks and over 6000 impressions. It was quite phenomenal to say the least. I’m so grateful that my campaign managed to work just right and for everything we’ve learned about using it. I already have goals in creating more websites and I look to using all that I’ve learned with Adwords into each of these websites that I am creating.

This week, we also touched upon the topic of social media and utilizing social media in promoting our web businesses. This is something that I’ve been wanting to get involved with since creating my website and I’m grateful for all I’ve learned with this topic. Learning from my fellow classmates on what they’re doing was also quite beneficial. I’ll keep you all posted with how this goes and if we’re continuing on that subject in next week’s lesson.

Overall, this was a great week! I’ve learned so much and am grateful for everything I’ve learned thus far. I hope that I can utilize each lesson and topic and apply it into my life and outside this class. I look forward to next week’s lesson and look forward to every opportunity to learn. Great week!


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