Entrepreneurial Journal #12 – Week 12 – $100 Challenge Conclusion

This was, yet again, a great week in this class! It was a lot lighter than previous weeks. Most of this week was encompassed in completing our $100 Challenge Presentations and in completing a few concluding assignments for this class. I can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone! You look back on all the things that you had accomplished and learned and it’s now come to a end. Next week will be our final week of class and our final few assignments that we have left to complete. Anyways, this was a great week and, though it was light, it was quite busy from the start. To begin, we officially concluded our $100 Challenge by completing a final PowerPoint presentation on the subject. I had much time to complete, but had to edit it numerous times. The reason was due to our time limit that we had. We had to compile a semester’s worth of information and experiences into one three to five minute presentation. I had so much that I wanted to share but didn’t quite have the opportunity of sharing; such as the website, blog, Excel sheets, and Facebook page that I had created for this assignment. I also wanted to share a little about who I would donate my earnings to on the Kiva website. But nonetheless, I hope it turned out well. I think it did in some respects and, from the feedback I had received, it seemed like my fellow classmates did as well, which is good. I am, again, grateful for this opportunity to take part in such an an experience and to learn so much from this assignment. I’m also grateful to have been able to complete it as well and that the Lord provided me with all that I needed in completing it.

We also completed a few other assignments revolving around individuals who had failures and opposition and turned their adversity into success. The discussion board on this topic was interesting and quite edifying. It was great to see who my fellow classmates chose for this assignment and reading about the reason why they chose these individuals. Looking at who they chose really shows a portion of what they values and who they look up to as role models. It was great exercise to say the least. I chose one of my heroes; a man by the name of Paul Heyman who is very well known in the world of professional wrestling and MMA. He had quite his deal of adversity and successes and has truly left an impact on the professional wrestling world for the better. He has taught me not only about that particular industry, but has also taught me much from his many interviews and documentary about business and life. He is a very articulate, intelligent, magnificent individual and someone who I look up to, continue to learn from, and have the pleasure of watching on TV for more than fifteen years now. It’s good to have heroes and mentors in life and those who we can look to as an example. This was a great week in learning about others in this category and what make them the individuals that they are most known for.

All in all, this was a great week. It was a light week, but a great week, nonetheless. I am grateful for being able to complete each assignment that we had to complete and to have learned so much in the process. I hope that this final week will be a great one and that I will be able to finish strong in every regard!


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