Weekly Reflection #12 – Week 12 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! It’s crazy how quickly this semester is coming to an end. It seems like though the semester is wrapping up, this class doesn’t quite seem to fail in teaching us new and exciting this about our websites. In this week, for example, we learned about another great resource in helping to improve the overall quality of our websites called Woorank. This website was introduced as part of our fifth project that teaches us how we can better optimize our website. Woorank is a website that scores the quality of our website and gives out a score based on some of the criteria that it looks at throughout our website such as keywords, landing pages, website content, use of social media, etc. This website also gives instructions on how to improve each area of the website and improve the overall score and quality of such website. My website, surprisingly, scored pretty high considering I had just created it at the beginning of the semester and most of what I can improve on. according to Woorank, is also not quite difficult to edit. After completing this assignment on Wednesday, I have been making the necessary changes to my website based on what Woorank suggested needed to improve and I hope by this Wednesday my website’s score improves somewhat. In the topic of improving our website’s optimization, we also had a great lesson dealing with Google Analytics. I know we touched upon Google Analytics earlier on in the semester and I remember when first learning about it being confused with how to use this tool. After this week and after having researched and participated in our discussion board for this topic, I can honesty say that I understand how Google Analytics works and I am blown away at what it’s capable of doing and how it connected both to Google Adwords and Woorank. It’s great learning about each of these tools. Each one illustrates how our website is doing and lays out what plans we can implement in improving our website. Overall, it was incredible learning these things this week and especially seeing the improvements and impact it has had on my website so far.

All in all, this was, yet again, a great week. I am saddened at the fact that this is the final week for this class and that this semester has come and gone so quickly. I have learned so much and am grateful for everything Bro. Poole has taught us this semester about website creation. I am especially grateful for all of his help and guidance and his knowledge on the subject. Website creation was an unknown subject to me at the start of this class. As the weeks passed on and as I became more informed on the subject, I became much confident. Creating our website for Project #2 this semester gave me such a great excitement and confidence and since then, I have created two other websites and have utilized each of the tools that we’ve learned in improving on what I had done. I am grateful for have had this opportunity to have taken a great class with such a great teacher and hope to continue to utilize everything that I had learned and to capitalize on this great subject! I am truly grateful! I look forward to this upcoming and all that it entails for me! Great week!

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