Weekly Reflection #12 – Week 12 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! It’s crazy how quickly this semester is coming to an end. It seems like though the semester is wrapping up, this class doesn’t quite seem to fail in teaching us new and exciting this about our websites. In this week, for example, we learned about another great resource in helping to improve the overall quality of our websites called Woorank. This website was introduced as part of our fifth project that teaches us how we can better optimize our website. Woorank is a website that scores the quality of our website and gives out a score based on some of the criteria that it looks at throughout our website such as keywords, landing pages, website content, use of social media, etc. This website also gives instructions on how to improve each area of the website and improve the overall score and quality of such website. My website, surprisingly, scored pretty high considering I had just created it at the beginning of the semester and most of what I can improve on. according to Woorank, is also not quite difficult to edit. After completing this assignment on Wednesday, I have been making the necessary changes to my website based on what Woorank suggested needed to improve and I hope by this Wednesday my website’s score improves somewhat. In the topic of improving our website’s optimization, we also had a great lesson dealing with Google Analytics. I know we touched upon Google Analytics earlier on in the semester and I remember when first learning about it being confused with how to use this tool. After this week and after having researched and participated in our discussion board for this topic, I can honesty say that I understand how Google Analytics works and I am blown away at what it’s capable of doing and how it connected both to Google Adwords and Woorank. It’s great learning about each of these tools. Each one illustrates how our website is doing and lays out what plans we can implement in improving our website. Overall, it was incredible learning these things this week and especially seeing the improvements and impact it has had on my website so far.

All in all, this was, yet again, a great week. I am saddened at the fact that this is the final week for this class and that this semester has come and gone so quickly. I have learned so much and am grateful for everything Bro. Poole has taught us this semester about website creation. I am especially grateful for all of his help and guidance and his knowledge on the subject. Website creation was an unknown subject to me at the start of this class. As the weeks passed on and as I became more informed on the subject, I became much confident. Creating our website for Project #2 this semester gave me such a great excitement and confidence and since then, I have created two other websites and have utilized each of the tools that we’ve learned in improving on what I had done. I am grateful for have had this opportunity to have taken a great class with such a great teacher and hope to continue to utilize everything that I had learned and to capitalize on this great subject! I am truly grateful! I look forward to this upcoming and all that it entails for me! Great week!

Weekly Reflection #10 – Week 10 – Web Business Creation

This was a hectic week! The only reason why I say that is due, largely, to the fact that we had our Thanksgiving break this week and that I was out of town for all of it. The vacation was much more tiring than it was relaxing. I’m grateful to finally be back in Rexburg and for this new week that we have of assignments and projects due. Though this week was hectic, I still managed to complete all of my assignments for this class. I enjoyed this week very much and everything that we had learned in this week’s lesson. What I like so much about everything that we’re learning in this class is how much each assignment builds upon the last. For example, this week we learned about Landing Page and Website Optimization and we got a brief introduction into Search Engine Optimization and everything that we had learned about keywords and ad campaigns were included in these assignments. Most of the optimization for each area revolves around the use of keywords and including them in every facet of your website. We also learned about the importance of including backlinks within your website and living up to your ad’s content. It was great learning about each of these things. I have edited my website based on what I’ve learned in each of these assignments and I have seen a great change with each. It’s amazing having learned this! Participating in the discussion boards of this week was also great as I was able to interact with my fellow classmates and see what they’re doing to improve in each area; especially involving Search Engine Optimization.

All in all, this was a great week! I definitely can’t complain when it comes to everything that we’re learning. I’m enjoying every facet of this class and every lesson that we’re learning so far. My website has been doing well, my ad campaign has taken off and has been doing very well. Everything for me has been going great and I look forward to next week’s lessons and assignments and all that it entails for me. Great week!

Weekly Reflection #9 – Week 9 – Web Business Creation

This was another great week! It was a very busy week to say the least. We completed our Project #3, began our Adwords Campaigns, and began to take note of how our campaigns are doing. It’s great to finally be carrying out what you have spent weeks preparing for. It’s a great feeling to not only see our work unfold, but to do so in a successful manner. For Project #3, we were to begin our Campaigns on November 14. I, accidentally, missed that date and had to start my date a few days after that starting point. Luckily, Bro. Poole gave us a tutorial on how to set our budget if this were to happen, so I followed his instruction and had to increase my daily budget by a little bit more in order to hit the criteria for the assignment. I, then, did all of the necessary steps in beginning my campaign. I let it run for a day. In that first day I managed to receive no results whatsoever. I felt bad in some ways because we had to complete a few follow up assignments to report how much progress we had made and I reported zeros in each category because I had not results. Thankfully, however, my luck turned around and I received some feedback; and boy were the results that I had received impressive! In those first few days I had already received more than 1000 impressions and close to 10 clicks! It was incredible! And my results continue to grow as we speak! Adwords is such a fascinating tool. It has answered a lot of questions that I have had in terms of what I have noticed surfing through the internet. Simple things like the ads that appear when using a Google Search to what type of traffic appears on my website. I have been enjoying the use of this tool and what it has done for myself and my website so far. It has been confusing at times grasping some of the concepts of the application, but overall, I have it down and am grateful for Bro. Poole in teaching us these things!

As I have said, this week has been a great week! Another big assignment has been completed. Another assignment that will greatly carry over and can affect any other assignments that we have yet to complete. I look forward to what lies ahead and cannot wait to get this next week started! Hope everything with Adwords continues to improve and hope I can keep this momentum going!

Weekly Reflection #8 – Week 8 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We were back on our normal schedule of assignments and due dates and were able to build upon what we learned last week with Google Ads and Ad Groups. It was a great learning each of these things and building upon the knowledge; seeing how everything fits within our websites and how they can help in every regard. The first assignment of this week focused on Relevance and Quality Score. This topic is very similar to that of our Adwords, but focuses more on the quality of the ad rather than just the Keywords itself. The same principles for Adwords generally apply with that for ads; wording it correctly, including specific niches and adwords within it; differentiating the ad, having a working link to your sight, etc. It was a bummer that Google disbanded the quality score function, but it was great to receive practice with this through our Discussion Board with an pre-made ad and our fellow classmates critiquing our ad. I’ve found ever since we began working with Adwords just how much creativity is involved in creating an effective ad. I have to, literally, sit down for quite some time, research effective Adwords, and put together a convincing ad. These assignments definitely give me a lot of practice and I hope I can continue working on this and becoming better at it. The second assignment of this week covered Google Analytics. We learned the basics of this application and began linking it to our Google Adwords account in preparation to next week’s project that is due. This is my first interaction with this application, so I don’t really have as much experience with it in comparison to some of my classmates. I, generally, know what Analytics is and look forward to see it work within my website; hopefully allowing myself to look at its data and using it to change my websites and campaigns for the better. It’ll be exciting learning more about this and using it more in the upcoming week’s. I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes.

All in all, it’s been a great week. I’ve learned much from this week and look forward to next week’s assignments and topics. I hope everything with my Project #3 goes well and I hope I’ll be able to successfully get my first Ad Campaign out on the web. It’ll be exciting! I’m grateful for all that I’m learning and hope to continue to build upon this knowledge and utilize it for other projects that I have in mind. Great week!

Weekly Reflection #7 – Week 7 – Small Business Creation

I had a great week this week! This week, again, felt much more lighter in comparison to that of our past weeks. Typically we have two assignments and two discussion boards that are due per week in addition to any projects that we may have due as well. This week, however, we only had one assignment due on Monday, a discussion board that opened the following day and closed on Wednesday, and this Weekly Reflection that I am currently completing and are writing for you here on this blog, and that was it! Though, I am not complaining. I actually enjoyed quite a bit. It was especially needed considering our next project coming up and what the topic of that project is connection to this week’s subject/assignment we had due on Monday. The assignment had to do with Google Adwords again and, this time, we learned how to create an ad that would appear in the search results on Google. It was such an incredible lesson/assignment! It showed us how to lay out ad, what keywords to use, what the focus on our ad should be, and also how to set it up using our Google Adwords account. It was an incredible find! I always wanted to learn how those ads were created and now that I know, I can create one and utilize it to bring more people into my website! I’m just loving everything that I’m learning in this class! So much useful stuff that I know will help me in the future. The discussion board for this assignment also gave me the opportunity to look at my classmates’s ads and websites and to receive feedback for my own and how I can improve on what I’ve made. It was a great exercise to say the least!

Overall, this week was great! After having completed the discussion board for this week, I focused my attention on updating my ad and in toying around with Adwords just a little bit. I also continued to update my website a little more; adding in a few photos that I didn’t have the opportunity of adding in when I first completed the website. I also found out this week that with my current Weebly account, I can have up to ten different websites with the package that I have purchased. I have a couple of ideas for websites that I know will be good using Weebly and I look to create a few more and exhaust that resource when I don’t have to pay anything extra! Great week! Grateful for everything that I’ve learned! Hope to utilize all of these resources and to make the most of everything that I’ve learning!

Weekly Reflection #6 – Week 6 – Web Business Creation

This was another great week for me! This week seemed much more lighter in comparison to last week’s assignments. Ever since I completed my website for this class, I’ve felt much less pressure than I once did. Knowing that an essential part of this class is over has helped me to lighten up a little and to, now, build upon what I have created and to focus on how to make it better. I look forward to the upcoming week’s assignments. I know that each future assignment will help in that regard. This first week’s assignments began to do just that.

This week’s assignments, again, included the use of Google Adwords. We learned how to create an Adwords campaign which turns out to be an add that will appear on Google in the ad’s column/section when somebody searches one of your keywords. It was very interesting to say the least that this was how you create one of these types of ads. I’ve seen many of these ads when using Google and now creating one just like this and seeing how it would look blew my mind. It was incredible to say the least and the process for creating one of these ads isn’t quite too difficult. Creating the campaign included such elements as, first, deciding on twenty, or so, keywords related to your website; deciding which countries and languages you wanted to campaign to and which devices you want your campaign to show on; choosing the automatic or manual bidding function for your campaign; and, lastly, setting a daily budget for how much you may spend on your campaign being posted. We weren’t required to set up payment for this campaign (I couldn’t afford it currently), but it was cool learning how to create something like this which I know will greatly hep in marketing our website and our current products.

This week also found us building upon what we previously learned with Adwords and we learned the difference between what makes up a good keyword and a bad keyword. Of course this stems off of what we had previously learned with Google Adwords and our Campaign from earlier in the week, and, of course, after learning this I realized just how much this differentiation was needed; for I have chosen many bad keywords to use in these past assignments. Nonetheless, it was a great assignment. The discussion board was also a great medium to discuss with my fellow classmates what they’ve found to be a good keyword and to learn from them about this subject.

Overall, this was a great week! I am grateful for all that I’ve learned. I see the relevance in each of these topics and assignments and I’m grateful to learn a little about the inner workings of the internet and how websites are created and marketed. I look forward to next week’s assignments. I will keep you all posted on how I do for each and how this upcoming week goes. Thank you all very much and I’ll see you next week!

Weekly Reflection #5 – Week 5 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We had many great assignments and discussions within our respective groups. We studied the topic of business structures and looked into the legal system quite a bit. We researched what the requirements were for starting up a specific type of business in each of our respective cities and, with Project #2 almost complete, what respective steps we will have to take to legitimize our business. It was fun reviewing the different type of business structures there are and to see just how simple some structures are with starting a business and how others are not so easy. Idaho is not too ad in comparison to other states such as Hawaii or California. With using the sole proprietorship method and with doing something with food, I do not have to register for any real licensing in comparison to other industries; which is a plus. I can easily start my business and do work and possibly get any extra licensing if needs be.

The majority of this week was also consumed in completing our Project #2 that was due by beginning of Monday. Project #2 is known in this class as being one of the bigger projects that we have due and one that will determine how the rest of our projects will carry out for this semester. Project #2 consisted of completing our website which will be equipped with our own domain name, hosting service, website content, and the ability to carry out payment transactions on our website. I’ve successfully been able to do the first three. The fourth, however, I have struggled with competing. I know and have created a custom PayPal button for my website, but for some reason, cannot seem to get it linked onto my website. I hope I can resolve this issue before I turn in this assignment. With this assignment, I decided on also using Weebly as my site builder over Wix and got to say, I love Weebly! Weebly is so much more simpler than WordPress and much more smoother than Wix. I was able to create the website that I wanted with Weebly and it looks great! I have a few more things in terms of customization that I have to do with my current product, but I have to say, I am very pleased to say the least. I hope I can get the PayPal function to work and I should be in business!

Overall, this was a great week! I definitely can’t complain whatsoever with what we’re doing. I’m loving my website and especially everything that we’ve learned up to this point! I look forward to everything else that is coming up and how we will incorporate what we are doing to what lies ahead. Great week!

Weekly Reflection – Week 4 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! We are gearing up for the second project of this semester, which is to now create the website that we’ve been planning for thus far. I began in this process and have been trying a few things that were recommended by my fellow classmates. I have attempted to try other website platforms in conjunction with my own and have also tried utilizing a few of the host websites that I researched. I can attest that using those type of websites are much less familiar than what I’m used to. As for site platforms, I have been using both Wix and Weebly. I love both of these websites. I haven’t had much hiccups yet in the process and hope to keep plugging away at them. For those who are curious, I am not planning on creating two websites. I am currently sticking with Wix as my starter, but am also prepping a secondary Weebly account just in case the Wix one doesn’t work out and if it does work out, I’m going to move forward and create another website for fun using Weebly.

I am definitely enjoying this process. I am having so much fun with it! I’m definitely struggling with it as much as I had previously did; using WordPress and stressing myself out over learning how to customize certain things. This week was also great in adding to what I had previously learned in prior weeks. I love how each of these lessons stack upon one another and which ultimately escalates up to the apex; which is creating our website. Something that I especially loved this week was learning about the PayPal button. I’ve always wondered how certain websites configured their website to accommodate this feature. It’s incredible how easy it is to configure and create this button and then to place i on your website using the coding. I was expecting some crazy process in creating this at first, so this was a huge sign of relief for me. It’s cool just how much stuff is out there nowadays that help in creating your very own website and business. It’s incredible!

This week we focused mainly on our websites, on researching other websites, on how to create a PayPal button, and on our discussion boards. I love the different discussions and things that I learn from my fellow classmates. I hope this upcoming week will be well with me and that I will be able to get done everything that I have planned on completing; both for this class and for others.

Weekly Reflection – Week 3 – Small Business Creation

This was a fun week! Very informative on many levels. It reminded me much of last week where we covered the topic of brokers and wholesale, and the difference between the affiliate and drop shipping business models. This week we covered two topics that go hand-in-hand with one another. We researched different site builders and different hosting websites. We learned the difference between the two; how its needed to have both. There are some site builders that have all of the same capacities as a hosting site and there are also some hosting sites that have the same capacities as a site builder. This was my first real introduction into the difference between the two and it was interesting learning about each and how they correlate to one another. What made these topics even better was the opportunity of participating in two individual discussion boards dedicated to each topic. I shared what I thought, but gained so much more from interacting with my fellow classmates and their findings. I wasn’t dead set on any one particular website application for either, so my vote was swayed many times. I have a desire to try a few different sites for each such as Wix, Weebly, iPage, Blue Host, and Go Daddy. It’ll be fun to see which site builder and host website (or maybe even one or the other) will take the cake for me.

Another huge assignment that was due this week was the first part of our project that included choosing a product for us to build our site around. Now, to be completely honest, I thought that the assignment would only include us writing a paper stating what we would do and why. I was terribly wrong! Instead, we utilized everything that we learned up to this point in class and used it in determining what product would be best for us. We used a phenomenal spreadsheet which did the majority of the work. We also used Google Adwords quite a bit for a good part of the assignment. Once all of the data was put in and the recommendation spit out, my number one choice was for myself to create a Gospel column/blog. To be honest, it was not what I was expecting. Of course, I wouldn’t mind using this idea. After all, I did put it on paper. If I were to choose which idea to use for this assignment, without having taken into account such factors as Google Adwords, I would’ve picked an entirely different idea. I don’t mind creating a Gospel column/blog, but I want to get Bro. Poole’s input on this question.

Well anyways, that was it for this week. The next stage of our project is soon upon us. It looks like we are this close to creating our website. I look forward to next week’s assignments and topics and to see where they fit with everything that we had previously learned!

Weekly Reflection – Week 2 – Web Business Creation

We covered much in this week’s Web Business Creation class. This week’s material built upon what we learned in last week’s and it seriously got me thinking about different web ideas that I could possibly incorporate into my future website that I will be creating for this class. The first topic that we covered dealt with brokers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. We utilized the quantify and compare functions for this assignment and learned about different websites where people can buy different products to sell on their own. It was an incredible topic to say the least. Growing up in Hawaii, my family, while vacationing on Oahu, would attend a swap meet that would take place at Aloha Stadium every Wednesday and Sunday. We bought many things at this swap meet. From watches to sunglasses, towels and hats, the possibilities were endless as to what we could buy. The reason for the variety and the cost. It was much cheaper to buy things from here rather than back on Kauai, my home island. This swap meet had everything and it was a joy when we would attend this occasional event for us. Well, fast forward a few years and now having completed this assignment, I realized that most of the items that I had consumed were sold at this swap meet and the majority of it was in very excellent condition. Of course, the websites and the things that I had bought weren’t name brand to say the least, but still, in very excellent condition and very profitable to say the least.  I also saw many of these same products found on Ebay sold for much more than what it costs on the distribution website. It was an incredible discovery and one that I have looked more into after having completed this assignment.

The final topic that we’d covered involved two additional business models that we had looked at briefly in a previous week. It covered the topic of the affiliate and drop shipping models and the difference between the two. The affiliate model consisted more of an advertising aspect that advertised to different websites where people could buy certain products. The drop shipping model was a model where people could buy a certain product from your website that could then be linked and shipped from the manufacturer themselves. It reminded me much of a middle man; you stand between the consumer and distributor and act as a means for both parties to purchase and sell products. In addition to our previous topic that involved wholesale and what we learned there, this topic built upon that previous topic and got my mind thinking about possible businesses that can be started-up utilizing all that I had learned here. It was incredible!

This week’s topics were inspiring to say the least. They came at the right time as I’ve been brainstorming certain website ideas. I look forward with great anticipation what next week has in store for us and what material we will be learning then. I am very much enjoying this class. It’s been great to say the least!