Entrepreneurial Journal #13 – Week 13 – A Final Lecture

So, you want to be an entrepreneur? That is a worthy goal! It is something that I commend you for and congratulate you for wanting to do. There are many people out there who are not up for the challenge. It is a challenge in a lot of respects. You wear a variety of hats and need to encompass a variety of different business skills to create, operate, and fund a business. It is a challenge, but a very rewarding one to say the least that can bring forth much good to both the world and to the lives of those you meet. In this blog post, I want to share with you my final piece on entrepreneurship. I want to take the lessons that I have learned this semester and share my advice for wanting to become an entrepreneur. I will try to speak as simply as I can in this aspect and summarize what could take an entire book to accomplish. Without further ado, here is what I would say.

Prior to taking this Small Business Creation class, I took a beginning entrepreneurship class in a previous semester that introduced this topic of entrepreneurship. With everything that was taught in that class, the biggest takeaway that I had received was the importance of being a good person to entrepreneurship. Before anything else, it begins with who you are as a person. What you value? What are your characteristics? What are your reasons for getting into entrepreneurship? Before anything else, I would strongly advise to answer everyone of these questions. Look to Christ as the standard for who you want to be like and try to match yourself with Him. Pattern your life after His and act in accordance as He would live. Christ is the perfect example for everything in life; including entrepreneurship. Look to Him and follow Him and doing that, alone, will help you greatly in your life and in your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Once you take a brief examination of yourself, the next thing I would advise is for you to determine what you would want to do with entrepreneurship. Look at you dreams and your hobbies and find something that you could turn into a profitable venture. In examining each of these things, find some type of problem that you can fix through your business. Pray for guidance and inspiration that you may be shown these things and have the knowledge as what you could do in creating this idea. Once you come up with your idea, think of a plan to carry this out. Look at its content and how you will distribute this service. Look at its costs and how you will fund this venture. Look at ways you will market and advertise this product. You’ve come up with the idea; now fill in the missing pieces through each of these steps.

Once you’ve determined a business opportunity and have created a plan of action in carrying it out, now comes the fun of bringing it to life. Utilize the habits and skills that you’ve developed and the characteristics that are you and go out there, work hard, and look to make your mark. In business and in a many other things, there are lots of different strategies that one can take to aid them in their performance, but there are many things in life that you just have to do it and this next step is just that. Just do it! Carry out the plan! Put yourself out there! Don’t care what others think or say and just get it done!

Hopefully in your business ventures you will find success. Hopefully you can utilize everything that I had mentioned and make it your own. A few parting words of advice that I would like to leave you with is the need to continually learn. Entrepreneurship and business are continually evolving and its important to continually learn and better yourself. “Sharpen the saw” as Stephen Covey puts it and, in all things, learn everything that you can. Learn from books, learn from your peers, learn from your mentors, and, especially, learn from your mistakes. See what mistakes come and don’t make them again! Making mistakes can cost you big in the long run, so learn from them. Also, be content with failure. Not every venture will be successful, so learn from your failures and look to them as a stepping stone for success. In addition, be willing to take risks. Risks are what separate an entrepreneur from an individual person. Be willing to take risks and gamble the farm in some ways. In all things, look to the Lord for guidance and He will bless you with it. Look to serve those with your idea and better the world around you and everything else will fall into proper place.

These are my final words of encouragement and what I had learned both in this class and in my own personal experience. I hope that those who read this can look to it for what its worth and apply it into their lives and in their own business ventures. I am grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with and for this opportunity to be in such a phenomenal class this semester! I am grateful for our instructor Bro. Broderick; for his example and his experiences in this field and I hope that I, too, can continue to live these teachings and make them my own. I am grateful for this incredible semester and for the blessing of being an entrepreneur!

Weekly Reflection #12 – Week 12 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! It’s crazy how quickly this semester is coming to an end. It seems like though the semester is wrapping up, this class doesn’t quite seem to fail in teaching us new and exciting this about our websites. In this week, for example, we learned about another great resource in helping to improve the overall quality of our websites called Woorank. This website was introduced as part of our fifth project that teaches us how we can better optimize our website. Woorank is a website that scores the quality of our website and gives out a score based on some of the criteria that it looks at throughout our website such as keywords, landing pages, website content, use of social media, etc. This website also gives instructions on how to improve each area of the website and improve the overall score and quality of such website. My website, surprisingly, scored pretty high considering I had just created it at the beginning of the semester and most of what I can improve on. according to Woorank, is also not quite difficult to edit. After completing this assignment on Wednesday, I have been making the necessary changes to my website based on what Woorank suggested needed to improve and I hope by this Wednesday my website’s score improves somewhat. In the topic of improving our website’s optimization, we also had a great lesson dealing with Google Analytics. I know we touched upon Google Analytics earlier on in the semester and I remember when first learning about it being confused with how to use this tool. After this week and after having researched and participated in our discussion board for this topic, I can honesty say that I understand how Google Analytics works and I am blown away at what it’s capable of doing and how it connected both to Google Adwords and Woorank. It’s great learning about each of these tools. Each one illustrates how our website is doing and lays out what plans we can implement in improving our website. Overall, it was incredible learning these things this week and especially seeing the improvements and impact it has had on my website so far.

All in all, this was, yet again, a great week. I am saddened at the fact that this is the final week for this class and that this semester has come and gone so quickly. I have learned so much and am grateful for everything Bro. Poole has taught us this semester about website creation. I am especially grateful for all of his help and guidance and his knowledge on the subject. Website creation was an unknown subject to me at the start of this class. As the weeks passed on and as I became more informed on the subject, I became much confident. Creating our website for Project #2 this semester gave me such a great excitement and confidence and since then, I have created two other websites and have utilized each of the tools that we’ve learned in improving on what I had done. I am grateful for have had this opportunity to have taken a great class with such a great teacher and hope to continue to utilize everything that I had learned and to capitalize on this great subject! I am truly grateful! I look forward to this upcoming and all that it entails for me! Great week!

Entrepreneurial Journal #12 – Week 12 – $100 Challenge Conclusion

This was, yet again, a great week in this class! It was a lot lighter than previous weeks. Most of this week was encompassed in completing our $100 Challenge Presentations and in completing a few concluding assignments for this class. I can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone! You look back on all the things that you had accomplished and learned and it’s now come to a end. Next week will be our final week of class and our final few assignments that we have left to complete. Anyways, this was a great week and, though it was light, it was quite busy from the start. To begin, we officially concluded our $100 Challenge by completing a final PowerPoint presentation on the subject. I had much time to complete, but had to edit it numerous times. The reason was due to our time limit that we had. We had to compile a semester’s worth of information and experiences into one three to five minute presentation. I had so much that I wanted to share but didn’t quite have the opportunity of sharing; such as the website, blog, Excel sheets, and Facebook page that I had created for this assignment. I also wanted to share a little about who I would donate my earnings to on the Kiva website. But nonetheless, I hope it turned out well. I think it did in some respects and, from the feedback I had received, it seemed like my fellow classmates did as well, which is good. I am, again, grateful for this opportunity to take part in such an an experience and to learn so much from this assignment. I’m also grateful to have been able to complete it as well and that the Lord provided me with all that I needed in completing it.

We also completed a few other assignments revolving around individuals who had failures and opposition and turned their adversity into success. The discussion board on this topic was interesting and quite edifying. It was great to see who my fellow classmates chose for this assignment and reading about the reason why they chose these individuals. Looking at who they chose really shows a portion of what they values and who they look up to as role models. It was great exercise to say the least. I chose one of my heroes; a man by the name of Paul Heyman who is very well known in the world of professional wrestling and MMA. He had quite his deal of adversity and successes and has truly left an impact on the professional wrestling world for the better. He has taught me not only about that particular industry, but has also taught me much from his many interviews and documentary about business and life. He is a very articulate, intelligent, magnificent individual and someone who I look up to, continue to learn from, and have the pleasure of watching on TV for more than fifteen years now. It’s good to have heroes and mentors in life and those who we can look to as an example. This was a great week in learning about others in this category and what make them the individuals that they are most known for.

All in all, this was a great week. It was a light week, but a great week, nonetheless. I am grateful for being able to complete each assignment that we had to complete and to have learned so much in the process. I hope that this final week will be a great one and that I will be able to finish strong in every regard!

Weekly Reflection #11 – Week 11 – Web Business Creation

This was a great week! It was a much better week in comparison to that of the former. It’s good to finally be back in Rexburg and recovered from the hectic Thanksgiving break that we just had. It seems like everything is now coming to a head; both by way of this class and the other classes that I’ve been taking. This was, once again, a great week full of great assignments, discussions, and, finally, completing our Google Adwords campaign for our websites. It was sad to see it be done to be honest. After tallying up my results, I couldn’t believe just how well my campaign had done. There was so much, looking back on it, that I could have done differently. One thing I could’ve improved on is my keywords. It was so difficult finding keywords that would match my product considering how different it is. What got me all of my results came from two broader unrelated keywords that are not directly associated with the product as a whole, but with the business. Another thing I could’ve worked on is my ad titles. I could’ve made them more interesting besides just including the business name on it. I’ve come to realize with using Adwords just how much strategy and creativity is used. It’s like a big ‘ole chess game. You need to set the right keywords, include in your ad the right type of wording or phrasing. Everything has to be precise in order for it to work as best as you can. With how badly most of my keywords did, I am grateful that my ad campaign still managed to do very well. I had more than 90 clicks and over 6000 impressions. It was quite phenomenal to say the least. I’m so grateful that my campaign managed to work just right and for everything we’ve learned about using it. I already have goals in creating more websites and I look to using all that I’ve learned with Adwords into each of these websites that I am creating.

This week, we also touched upon the topic of social media and utilizing social media in promoting our web businesses. This is something that I’ve been wanting to get involved with since creating my website and I’m grateful for all I’ve learned with this topic. Learning from my fellow classmates on what they’re doing was also quite beneficial. I’ll keep you all posted with how this goes and if we’re continuing on that subject in next week’s lesson.

Overall, this was a great week! I’ve learned so much and am grateful for everything I’ve learned thus far. I hope that I can utilize each lesson and topic and apply it into my life and outside this class. I look forward to next week’s lesson and look forward to every opportunity to learn. Great week!

Entrepreneurial Journal #11 – Week 11 – Buyouts and Family Businesses

This was a great week! A much better week in comparison to that of the former. It’s good to finally be back in Rexburg and recovered from the hectic Thanksgiving break that we just had. It seems like everything is now coming to a head; both by way of this class and my other classes I’ve been taking. For example, this was the final full week of assignments that we have for this class. I’m both excited, but saddened, for I have truly enjoyed each of the assignments and learning opportunities I have had in this class and with this subject. Whether it be the many case studies or discussion boards; the interviews or quizzes; or whether it be the $100 Challenge, I have truly enjoyed my time working on each assignment and learning all that I can about business.

Being the final full week of assignments for this class, it was fitting that we cover two different subjects in this week’s lesson. The topics included buyouts and family businesses. For this week, we had both a discussion board and a normal assignment for each topic. Learning about each topic was great and I received so many takeaways from working through these assignments! My favorite out of each assignment had to be learning about Buyouts and learning how we could buy our own business if we desired. The way to do that is through a website named BizBuySell.com. This website offers a listing of every business that is up for sale (or at least posted on that website) per state, county, and even business type. It was incredible seeing the listings for a variety of websites. They even had listing for businesses back home on Kauai! For one assignment, we had to choose a business that we would consider buying and write about it in a discussion board. For myself, I focused on looking for a business that is cost efficient to match my current financial situation and one that was an established business with no debt and that offered a useful amount of assets. My research caused me to stumble across a business named McCall Catering Business. This business was not only debt free, established, and offered quite a bit of useful assets, but the asking price was quite a score; with it only being $60,000. This business is great for many reasons other than what I listed above. It offers quite a bit of opportunity for expansion and for change if needed. It was great find both way of a business and this website and I’m so happy to have been introduced to this website!

Overall, this was a great week! This is also the final week of sales for my business. I have not been as active as I was when we first started this Challenge. I only opened twice this week. The weather has also made it quite a challenge to deliver these meals on foot. At the beginning of the semester with how great the weather was, that wasn’t so much of a challenge. If I want to continue this venture in a later semester, I’ll definitely have to find a way to deliver each meal more efficiently and also to keep it warm throughout the sojourn. We also began assembling our presentations this week. I have it about complete. The only thing I’m missing are some photos. I should’ve took more photos throughout this Challenge of the food or me working. Now I’ll have to make up for it in some other way. Hopefully I can get it done by Tuesday.

All in all, this was a great week! I’m looking forward to next week and what we’ll be learning. I hope I’ll be able to complete my presentation on time and have it looking good in the next few days. Other than that, great week!

Weekly Reflection #10 – Week 10 – Web Business Creation

This was a hectic week! The only reason why I say that is due, largely, to the fact that we had our Thanksgiving break this week and that I was out of town for all of it. The vacation was much more tiring than it was relaxing. I’m grateful to finally be back in Rexburg and for this new week that we have of assignments and projects due. Though this week was hectic, I still managed to complete all of my assignments for this class. I enjoyed this week very much and everything that we had learned in this week’s lesson. What I like so much about everything that we’re learning in this class is how much each assignment builds upon the last. For example, this week we learned about Landing Page and Website Optimization and we got a brief introduction into Search Engine Optimization and everything that we had learned about keywords and ad campaigns were included in these assignments. Most of the optimization for each area revolves around the use of keywords and including them in every facet of your website. We also learned about the importance of including backlinks within your website and living up to your ad’s content. It was great learning about each of these things. I have edited my website based on what I’ve learned in each of these assignments and I have seen a great change with each. It’s amazing having learned this! Participating in the discussion boards of this week was also great as I was able to interact with my fellow classmates and see what they’re doing to improve in each area; especially involving Search Engine Optimization.

All in all, this was a great week! I definitely can’t complain when it comes to everything that we’re learning. I’m enjoying every facet of this class and every lesson that we’re learning so far. My website has been doing well, my ad campaign has taken off and has been doing very well. Everything for me has been going great and I look forward to next week’s lessons and assignments and all that it entails for me. Great week!

Entrepreneurial Journal #10 – Week 10 -Franchises

This was a hectic week to say the least! The only reason why I say that is due to the Thanksgiving break that we just had and the amount of traveling that I had done within this week. Besides the crazy adventures that I have had this week, this week, in class, was great! It was a continuation of what we had learned last week, but went into greater detail on the subject. This week, the topic at hand, focused on that of franchises. This week, we learned about what franchises are, the different pros and cons of franchises, and we learned, by way of case study, the process of starting a franchise and some of the difficulties that arise when starting . We also compiled our franchisee interview from past weeks and submitted it to be graded this week. The franchisee that I had interviewed is a past teacher of mine, Bro. Nygren. He was the first individual to bring Chick-Fil-A out west, as he opened his own Chick-Fil-A franchise in Arizona. What was so great about interviewing him was the fact that he shared many of these same points with us as part of one of his classes that I took from him, so interviewing him reminded me much of what he shared with me in that class. It was great going into greater detail about his experience with opening a franchise. He shared many of the positives of opening a franchise and helped to strengthen the desire that I have of opening a franchise. I know of a few franchises that would do well back home on Kauai, so learning more about franchises and the process of opening one was great. It’s great to also have an expert on the subject and real world experience when it comes to this facet of business. All in all, it was a great week. Compiling my franchisee interview, completing the other two franchise assignments, completing the IceDelights franchise case study, and, as a treat, participating in the Steve Jobs discussion board.

Because this week was Thanksgiving break and because I would be out of town for the majority of it, I decided to not do anything for my business/$100 Challenge this week. Thankfully, I reached the goal in a past week and reached the $100 mark that we were asked to have reached. I’ve found this idea to be quite successful to say the least. I was able to sell quite a bit of meals and successfully carry out the business’s operations. I will continue running the business up until the end of the semester, but will, most likely, slow down with it just because of finals coming up. I do plan on keeping this business going and continue selling food the next semester that I’m here. All I need to do now is donate my money to the Kiva recipient that I had chosen at the beginning of this semester to donate to. I have to ask Bro. Broderick when I can do this and whether I can donate it now or just wait until the semester is over.

All in all, this was a great week! I am grateful for all that I’ve learned and, especially, be back in Rexburg. I hope that I will be able to get back into the swing of things here and that I’ll be able to finish strong and have a great rest of this semester. I can’t believe we’re almost done. Anyways, I look forward to next week’s lesson and all that we’re about to learn. Once again, it’s been a great week!